Final Battle at Sing Ling Temple Live Blu-Ray Disc
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Contents: Live Blu-Ray Disc(BD)Release date: 2/15 Concert Length: 1:44:54VideoTotal Length: 1:52:03 CHTHONIC featured special gu ...

Contents: Live Blu-Ray Disc(BD)
Release date: 2/15

Concert Length: 1:44:54
Video Total Length: 1:52:03

CHTHONIC featured special guest: Randy Blythe(Lamb of God) and more!


On Oct.22 2011, CHTHONIC had a special outdoor concert in Sing-Ling temple, Puli, Taiwan. Sing-Ling temple is an ancient battlefield and a historical landmark of Puli town. It's not only the most essential scene in CHTHONI's latest 3 albums, a trilogy story, CHTHONIC has also written 2 songs that adopt Sing-Ling temple as the titles. One is Sing-Ling Temple from the album Mirror of Retribution, and the other one is Quell the Souls in Sing-Ling Temple from the new album TAKASAGO ARMY.

Besides CHTHONIC, there was Randy Blythe from Lamb of God as guest singer, and some other special guests, too.

[Song List]
1. Intro (1947)
2. 49 Theurgy Chains
3. Rise of the Shadows
4. Sing Ling Temple
5. Bloody Waves of Sorrow
6. Mirror of Retribution-Spell of Setting Sun
7. Pgaku Flute Solo
8. Indigenous Laceration
9. Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
10. Quasi Putrefaction
11. The Island
12. Legacy of the Seediq
13. Southern Cross
14. Kaoru
15. Mahakala
16. Quell the Souls in Sing Ling Temple
17. Takao
18. Oceanquake
19. Broken Jade
20. Sidelights of the Battle
21. [Music Video] Quell the Souls in Sing Ling Temple

[Music Video of Quell the Souls in Sing Ling Temple]

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